Yoga Week for Doctors in Partnership with Pharmed

A truly exhilarating week of yoga bliss with Gods! Yes – with our very own gods on earth in white coats, working selflessly and tirelessly round the clock attending to the needy and the sick. 

The Corona virus pandemic has been harsh on entire humanity but even more harsher on doctors. Pharmed, a reputed pharma giant has been serving doctors since 1946, decided to do something unique during this Doctors Day on July 1!

I was given a huge responsibility to serve the doctors from across India with therapeutic yoga in the tradition of Krishnamacharya to enhance their immunity and equanimity. It was a befitting gesture towards the doctors who have been fighting an invisible deadly enemy, risking their own lives and battling many issues such as poor infrastructure, lack of resources and undergoing tremendous stress and anxiety as a result.

Keeping in mind the busy schedules of doctors, we offered two sessions per day – Asana practice in the mornings and Pranayama in the evenings. The goal of Asana and Pranayama practice was to improve posture, overall strength, flexibility and balance, enhance breathing capacity and immunity and calming the mind. 

The weeklong sessions were simply magical! With over 500 doctors attending both the sessions in the morning and evening. We were supremely motivated with the amazing response from doctors from day one. Their appreciations were straight from the hearts. Most importantly the practices helped doctors improve overall health and breathing capacity immensely and achieve a calm state of mind.

Instead of boring you with a lot of self praise️:-) , sharing a touching feedback from Dr. Ajit Mopkar who summed up the experience beautifully :

“Dear Team Pharmed 

I can’t express how greatly I appreciate your gesture to enroll me in the weeklong yoga course by Yoga Guru Sai. Right from the first day up until the last session today, every session has truly been a learning experience enriching body, mind and soul. One never realised how quickly the time flew during sessions and at the end of each session one got the feeling that it ended sooner than desired and wishing it had lasted longer than it did. And even if virtual, Sai ji’s tuitions were so elaborate and crisp that you really didn’t miss the physical presence of the Teacher to guide you. I am inspired and motivated to continue this practice regularly and would request you to please provide me details of Sai jis courses. Once again I thank you and your team for extending this memorable opportunity to me.

Thank you Dr Ajit Mopkar, Goa”

Need I say more? 🙂 I’m truly humbled by this experience and feel blessed to serve the doctors at such a crucial time. I wish all the doctors healthy and blissful days ahead and hope to continue to serve them. I would like to thank Pharmed and the entire team, specifically Mr Aravind and Dr K L Kapoor for conducting this program flawlessly from start to finish.

Happy Doctors Day!!

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